Blog Review

Double and triple checks of my blog have been complete. I have reviewed it against the ‘Blog Writing Checklist’ linked to the Week 12 Support Materials/Links. And I feel that I can tick off all of the boxes. For Assessment one I didn’t receive much constructive feedback. I went through and fixed up the little comments about … More Blog Review

Blog Reflection

Well, it’s been a ride but I’m glad it’s over. I enjoyed the blog assessment, but I felt it was a little redundant. Throughout this term, I’ve learned plenty of new things. A few things that have really stuck with me are: One sentence per paragraph. KISS (Keep it simple/short). The inverted pyramid writing style. … More Blog Reflection

Quiz review- Week 11

This week I actually enjoyed reading chapter 8 of Hicks, English for journalists. I enjoyed it because I already knew and understood what the chapter was about so I didn’t have to learn much new information. On my first attempt of the quiz, I got 80% however these were just silly mistakes. On my second … More Quiz review- Week 11

Weekly activities- Week 11

This week we were asked to read the article ‘Woman stuck under train at Eagle Junction Train Station, Brisbane’, published on 10 September 2014. then find what is wrong with the article. Then we had to find what was wrong with the article. This article is extremely repetitive, it constantly states that it was a … More Weekly activities- Week 11

Quiz review- Week 9

While reading this weeks chapter I thought it was never going to end. It was a crazy long chapter with so much information packed into it.   So, it’s understandable that I only scored 80% on my first go. I got question 6 wrong because the quote is a complete sentence and I selected the … More Quiz review- Week 9

Media Release- Week 8

MEDIA RELEASE 2nd June  FAKECOMICCON INVESTIGATES INCIDENT Fakecomiccon is currently working with relevant authorities to investigate the recent knife fight at their event to ensure it is not repeated. Fakecomiccon management are working to support the families of all those involved and to find answers as to how it happened.   FakeComicCon has run for … More Media Release- Week 8