I don’t know about you, but i know I can at least speak for a few of us here when I say being asked that common, yet completely open ended question, “tell me a little about yourself” is utterly terrifying.

There are so many different answers I could give you because there’s so many different aspects and experiences that make up my personality. I’m 17, I’m from Yeppoon, I have an obsession with horses, but also with reading and fitness and with exploring the outdoors. See what I mean? I could go on forever.

Thankfully that question has a direction in this instance because this blog has a purpose. And that’s to introduce myself as a student studying Professional communication, writing a blog for my media writing class.

I chose to study this course because one day I aspire to be either an author, an editor or a journalist. I haven’t quite made up my mind yet, it’s a surprise i suppose.

So hey there everyone, my names Tayla and i hope you enjoy my blog!